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“Te Felicito” Lyrics in English: A Celebration of Joy and Love

“Te Felicito” is a delightful Latin song that radiates joy and celebrates love and togetherness. Originally performed in Spanish, this heartwarming track has touched the hearts of people around the world. In this blog post, we provide an English translation of the “Te Felicito” lyrics, allowing you to experience the song’s jubilant spirit and the message it conveys.

Introduction to “Te Felicito”:

“Te Felicito” is a popular Latin song by La India, featuring Tito Nieves. Released in 1994, it quickly gained acclaim for its uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics. The title “Te Felicito” translates to “I Congratulate You” in English.

“Te Felicito” Lyrics in English:

Here is an English translation of the chorus of “Te Felicito”:

“I congratulate you, you have a great love

Hearts that love so much, they make one soul

I congratulate you, you have a great love

For love like that, the world would die of envy”

(Note: The song features additional verses celebrating love and the joy of finding a soulmate.)

Significance of “Te Felicito”:

  1. Love and Happiness: “Te Felicito” is a celebration of love and the happiness it brings to our lives.
  2. Timeless Appeal: The song’s message of finding a great love resonates with people of all generations.
  3. Unity: It emphasizes the idea that two hearts in love become one, making a powerful and joyful connection.
  4. Musical Classic: “Te Felicito” is considered a classic in Latin music, known for its enduring charm.

Enjoying “Te Felicito” in English:

  1. Understanding the Lyrics: Translating the lyrics into English allows you to fully grasp the depth of the song’s romantic and joyful theme.
  2. Sing Along: Sing the English translation and feel the joy and love that the song conveys.
  3. Dance and Celebrate: Let the rhythm and melody inspire you to dance and celebrate the joy of love.
  4. Cultural Connection: “Te Felicito” offers a glimpse into the rich Latin music culture and its universal themes.


“Te Felicito” is a heartwarming Latin classic that exudes love and happiness. Its spirited lyrics and uplifting melody make it a beloved song that continues to touch the hearts of people worldwide. Through the English translation of the lyrics provided here, you can immerse yourself in the song’s celebratory message and experience the joy and love it conveys. So, join in the celebration and congratulate the great love it exalts!

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