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Decoding “Mayores” by Becky G: Embracing the English Lyrics of the Hit Song

“Mayores,” a sensational hit by Becky G, captivated audiences with its catchy beats and intriguing lyrics. Translated as “Older” in English, this song sparked conversations and resonated with listeners globally.

Introduction to “Mayores” by Becky G

“Mayores” explores themes of attraction, empowerment, and the idea of being enamored by someone older. Becky G’s sultry vocals combined with the song’s rhythm created an irresistible vibe that captured the hearts of many.

English Translation of “Mayores” Lyrics

Let’s dive into the English translation of some of the song’s verses:

  1. “It turns out that I like older men”
    The lyrics reveal the singer’s preference for older men, highlighting the allure of maturity and experience.
  2. “I want someone who takes me to see a sunset”
    Expressing a desire for romantic experiences and gestures, the song emphasizes the longing for meaningful moments.
  3. “To dance slowly, that he never leaves me alone”
    Desiring companionship and intimacy, the lyrics convey the wish for a partner who is present and attentive.
  4. “A few drinks and it’s already sunset”
    Imbued with a sense of freedom and adventure, the lyrics suggest a carefree attitude towards enjoying life’s pleasures.
  5. “I like them bigger, that they don’t fit in my mouth”
    A playful and suggestive line indicating a preference for confidence and assertiveness in a partner.

Significance and Impact

“Mayores” not only captivated listeners with its catchy tune but also sparked discussions about societal perceptions of age and relationships. Becky G’s bold expression of her preferences in the song empowered many to embrace their desires openly.


Becky G’s “Mayores” emerged as a hit, celebrating attraction and breaking stereotypes. The English translation of the lyrics unveiled the song’s essence, portraying the singer’s longing for passion, adventure, and connection with someone older.

The song’s popularity resonated with audiences worldwide, sparking conversations about age, desire, and the freedom to express one’s preferences without societal constraints.

This blog post introduces Becky G’s hit song “Mayores” and delves into its English-translated lyrics. The song’s bold expression of attraction and empowerment resonated with listeners, igniting conversations about societal norms and personal preferences in relationships.

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