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“Amygdala” by Agust D: English Lyrics and the Art of Expression

“Agust D,” a stage name for the South Korean rapper and songwriter Suga of BTS, is known for his thought-provoking and emotionally charged lyrics. “Amygdala” is one of his tracks that delves deep into the human psyche and emotions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the English lyrics of “Amygdala,” allowing you to unravel the intricate layers of this song and appreciate the art of expression in Suga’s music.

Understanding “Amygdala”:

The amygdala is a part of the human brain that plays a crucial role in processing emotions, particularly fear and aggression. In the song, Agust D dives into the complexities of human emotions and the impact of fame and public perception on one’s mental state.

Here are some of the English-translated verses from “Amygdala”:

  1. “I love the ‘me’ that was a bit tough The ‘me’ that didn’t know it was suffering How is ‘me’ who’s hurting like this now doing? If that guy can see me, I want to say I’m alright”
  2. “People who only care about the result I want to hit them with a bat The bat that will one day return to me, but I just laugh ‘Cause I know how that feels Why the hell you pretending, damn.”
  3. “Give up, lose, admit that I’ve become a different me Kill me now if you can, if you’ve lost If you can’t, just go away It’s a battle between you and you.”

(Note: “Amygdala” is a deep reflection on self-identity, the impact of external expectations, and the internal battle with one’s own emotions.)

Significance of “Amygdala”:

“Agust D” is known for addressing important and often uncomfortable topics in his music, and “Amygdala” is no exception. The song explores the struggles of maintaining one’s identity in the face of fame, the scrutiny of the public, and the emotional toll it can take.

Connecting with “Amygdala”:

  1. Listen to the Song: Start by listening to “Amygdala” in its original Korean version. Pay attention to the emotions in Agust D’s delivery.
  2. Read the Lyrics: To fully grasp the meaning, read the English translation of the lyrics. This can help you connect with the depth of the song.
  3. Reflect on Identity: Consider the themes of identity and self-acceptance that the song explores. Reflect on your own experiences and the impact of external expectations on your sense of self.
  4. Appreciate the Artistry: Recognize the artistry in Agust D’s music and his ability to tackle complex subjects in a raw and honest manner.


“Amygdala” by Agust D is a testament to the power of music to convey deep and complex emotions. The song’s English lyrics offer a glimpse into the artist’s inner struggles and the broader themes of identity and self-acceptance. It’s a reminder that even in the world of fame and acclaim, individuals face their own internal battles, and the power of expression through music can be a source of solace and connection.

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